About SJ/AR Guides

The primary purpose of SJ/AR Guides is to provide FREE summary, analysis, and thoughtful commentary of works (print, film, podcast, etc.) relating to Social Justice and Anti-Racism. Given the new awareness brought from the nationwide Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests of George Floyd’s murder in late May 2020, this website serves as a resource for those who want to learn, understand, and gain more knowledge about institutional and systemic/structural inequities and oppressions (racism, sexism, heteronormativity, ableism, etc.) that are inherent in the United States and other Western colonial/settler-colonial societies.

The inspiration for SJ/AR Guides originated with the lists of Social Justice and Anti-Racist resources that began circulating during the BLM protests. These lists are comprehensive and can be intimidating or overwhelming to someone new to this area of study. SJ/AR-Guides seeks to give people a starting point, or a point of reference, for those working to gain more knowledge and perspective into systemic inequities.

Further, SJ/AR Guides exists for those who:

–Want to further their knowledge in Social Justice and Anti-Racism

–Did not receive any kind of Social Justice based education in public education

–Know that reposting/retweeting a meme, or hanging a BLM poster in their window, isn’t enough

–Do not have the ability/resources to obtain Social Justice and Anti-Racists resources

–Do not have enough personal/free time to devote to these resources

–Have trouble accessing or understanding the language used in these resources

SJ/AR Guides does not exist to convince people that systemic/structural inequities are real. You are here because you came to that realization yourself and want to learn more about these. As such, this website will not engage in, or entertain, debates about if these systems or injustices actually exists.

SJ/AR Guides exists because the timeliness of knowledge learned from these resources can save lives. As many are witnessing in the news and through social media, too many Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) are unjustly dying from systemic inequities. Like antidote to poison, more knowledge of these systems and how we consciously or unconsciously contribute to them is one step toward ending these systems.

It is important to note that SJ/AR Guides is not a substitute for these resources—I highly urge you to access these resources when you have the means to consume them (whether if it’s you now can afford to buy/rent the materials or now have the time to process them). By purchasing these works you are supporting the artists and thinkers who took the time out of their lives to provide society with knowledge that can save lives and end systemic injustices.

**SJ/AR Guides realizes the point of the website may rub publishers the wrong way. Yet, if we’re working toward improving society, creating barriers toward accessing information and gaining new knowledge is only adding to the problem.

Often on this website you’ll see articles/guides written toward a white audience. While SJ/AR Guides seeks to help the white community understand how their ancestors created this system of structural inequities and how they continue to perpetuate this system from generation to generation, it is important to acknowledge that communities of color can and have internalized oppressive ideologies that can pit one community against itself or separate communities against each other (for a profound example, watch Hasan Minhaj address the Asian community in its complicity in George Floyd’s murder). In this sense, SJ/AR Guides is not designed to exclusively address a white audience only. People of color who visit SJ/AR Guides are highly encouraged to access the same materials covered within this website. SJ/AR Guides will work toward ensuring we address a multi-racial audience when appropriate to do so. If we’re all able to recognize and learn the messages and signs of oppression then we can all come together to create a better society.

Another important note is that SJ/AR Guides is not attempting to replace or invalidate the words of authors whose works are featured on this website, nor is it trying to claim the intellectual property of the featured authors as its own. SJ/AR-Guides is here to simply summarize what these authors are saying and provide an analysis of what this information means to you, the reader. SJ/AR Guides does not claim to be the subject-matter expert in these topics—those who have lived through the oppression are the subject matter experts. It is possible misinterpretations of resources can happen, and if you happen to find one you are strongly encouraged to contact SJ/AR Guides about the discrepancy at sjarguides@gmail.com