SJ/AR Guides Philosophical Mission

Inspired by the awareness brought forward by the BLM protests, SJ/AR-Guides seeks to help spread knowledge about how systemic/structural inequities work and influence Western Settler/Settler-Colonial societies by summarizing and analyzing the works created by subject-matter experts.

SJ/AR Guides will begin by analyzing works concerning Racism because this topic is the most prominent and wide-reaching issue facing Western societies. SJ/AR-Guides will develop an arc that examines Racism in context of separate communities, beginning with the Black community and moving toward Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian communities.

As SJ/AR Guides continues forward, other systems of oppression within Western societies will be examined. This includes (but is not limited to) Sexism, Gender (Heteronormativity), Ableism, and Classism.

In this sense, the philosophical mission of SJ/AR Guides has two parts:

–The first goal is to end these socially constructed categories of “other” in order for everyone, regardless of their identity, to be seen, respected, and treated as human. Too many people are unjustly suffering because the existing systems treat people as “other” instead of human. It is time for these systems to finally end.

–The second goal is to create an environment or discussion that critically examines Whiteness, that is, what it means to be White as well what exactly is White Culture. The hope is that by critically examining Whiteness in all its aspects can lead toward a reckoning, reconciliation, and a path forward for a truly equal and just society.